Painting of the Month – Juliet (Alternative title - The Blue Necklace) After J W Waterhouse 1898

February 15, 2020

John William Waterhouse is known for depicting beautiful, powerful, and ultimately tragic women from both ancient Greek mythology and Arthurian legend.


This solitary portrayal of Shakespeare’s young star-crossed heroine who strived to express the purity of her love towards Romeo - which was doomed from the start – is perhaps the most famous love story ever written.


Juliet is pictured walking alongside a Venetian style canal. Waterhouse apparently made several trips to Italy where he found inspiration for his painting.

The soft, gentle line of his brushstrokes gives Juliet a dreamy, whist full and longing look.


William Waterhouse’s classical composition captures the romanticism in Shakespeare’s telling of young love.


I have relished the challenge of Waterhouse’s classical style. The shading in the painting I’m sure comes from Waterhouse’s left hand, the soft-focus background placing all the emphasis on Juliet.  There is no place to hide in reproducing this picture.


A classical painting for a timeless love story.


Painting size 13” x 16” Oil on board

Frame size 18.5” x 21.5” Period Gilt Frame





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