September is here already! What a busy summer we have had.

My exhibition in conjunction with the opening of Cloud Gallery’s Flagship store in Worthing was a huge success and the Lowry month a joy for me, a month of painting, reading, watching and discussing one of Britain’s favourite artists Laurence Stephen Lowry.

The film #Mrs Lowry and Son (on at cinema’s across the UK) was a fascinating snap shot on Lowry’s life – quite a claustrophobic existence with his mother to say the least! How fantastic Timothy Spall and Vanessa Redgrave were in their roles. Vanessa playing the role of Lowry’s cantankerous and over-bearing mother was terrific and Timothy’s subtle and quiet performance playing Laurie captured how I dream Lowry would have been perfectly.

The Q & A after with Timothy Spall at the Lowry Salford discussing Lowry’s artworks was brilliant, how Timothy falls into Lowry’s character was fantastic. When I step into the artist shoes that I am painting, I presume is like being an actor getting into the role, believing you are the person you are portraying, letting their spirit ooze out of every pore.

I have been lucky enough to be given a selection of Lowry memorabilia from the film set, thanks to The DDA Group, Mrs Lowry and Son and Lowry Film. (I will be posting them on Instagram – david_hentyart).

Back to September – I will be giving a talk at the Ardington Hotel Indigo Restaurant Worthing on September 18th for their Food For Thought series/It’s An Art! The talk will be about the techniques used by artists and how I try to master the techniques and nuances of histories most iconic artists. (Reservations

I am also (still) working on Leonardo Di Vinci a labour of love, no wonder he is the most expensive and the best painter to this day!!! But in the words of Leonardo “Learning never exhausts the mind”.

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