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As many of you have noticed we have been completely distracted from our weekly painting post, we have had so much on recently, it naturally sunk to the bottom of the to-do-list. However, i'd like to introduce you to a couple of new members to the David Henty collection.

David has been so busy painting like a mad man, as we are now in all of

our rep galleries we have to ensure they are stocked up! We have also had an influx of very interesting private commissions as well - (we will reveal once completed).

The 'newbies'

We are going to be updating the website with all new available paintings. Please do get in touch for further details and enquiries.

We also have a monthly newsletter that is sent out to all our subscribers on the 1st of every month. The newsletter contains whats on, what we are getting involved in, any sold paintings, new paintings and general news within the business, please feel free to subscribe by clicking here

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