Painting of the Month - Medusa

With Caravaggio’s Birthday on the 28th September, the painting I would like to share with you this month is ‘Head of The Medusa’ after Caravaggio 1597/98. Caravaggio was the master at recording the precise moment of dramatic climax, what is known as ‘the lightning strike’. This painting depicts the decapitated head of Medusa, with snakes for hair entwined together, her mouth wide open and a look of absolute shock in her eyes. Deftly, Caravaggio captures her last, terrible grimace frozen upon her face, with the decapitated head almost appearing to float in front of an emerald green background. Caravaggio painted two versions of ‘The Head of Medusa’. The first is in a private collection, the s

September Newsletter 2020

It’s the beginning of September already, marking what has been a very busy summer for David Henty Art. Most recently, I’ve been filming with VICE, a documentary and filmmaker, who are investigating the dark side of the art world in a forthcoming documentary. They focus on money laundering, forgeries and the sometimes underhand deals that happen in the art world – find out what I know about the subject too when the film airs. Until then…my lips are sealed!! Autumn brings with it great excitement too. I’m very much looking forward to a meeting with an art publisher and promoter, plus I’ve been extremely busy painting. Hopefully you’ll see me across more galleries in the UK very soon. With sho

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