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This month the collection I would like to share with you is The Lowry Lockdown Collection. Inspired by L.S. Lowry, this collection of 6 Lowry style paintings has kept my mind occupied during the lockdown. Lowry is best known for painting industrial scenes in the North West of England, his distinctive style of painting for me is mesmerising. I love Lowry compositions, the whimsical characters, buildings placed like a stage set and the texture of the paint. Recreating a Lowry takes place in stages, capturing the movement and character of the everyday people and building up layers of paint to achieve the correct texture, a process I find both therapeutic and reflective. It’s just so easy to get

May Newsletter 2020

With hope and luck galleries should open this month as no online experience can parallel the emotion of seeing a good piece of art in person, often falling in love right there on the spot! In these changing times David Henty Art is offering a private viewing of your favourite piece or pieces. Meet the artist at home and share a glass of bubbles whilst gazing upon a plethora of fine art, all under the same roof! If you’re interested, email David directly at to arrange a private viewing. Or contact Cloud Gallery for a visit In these unprecedented times, people have been struggling for so many reasons and so, along with Andrew and Gavin

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