August Newsletter

Fancy some red-hot news to go with the scorching weather? First things first, we are very excited to announce the early stages of producing a film based on the life and crimes of David Henty!! The working title is ‘Picasso Before Breakfast’. Second, meet David in person! He’ll be painting outside Cloud Gallery in Worthing on 4th August between 12 and 3pm. Come along, he’d love to meet you and have a chat about life in general! Last but by no means least he’ll be doing a talk at the highly regarded Stratford International Festival of Words and Music on 25th September, taking to the stage at 5pm. See the website for more details and updates. www.stratfordwordsandm

July Newsletter

With three inspiring artists sharing their birthdays in July, I have been studying their lives, history, pallet and works. Freda Kahlo, born 6th July 1907, has an exhibition at the V&A until the 4th November 2018. One of the most famous female artists of our time, her collection of works shows her determination as an artist, her significance as a painter, a feminist icon and a pioneer of Latin American culture. Freda used art to express the traumas suffered throughout her life, which included a near fatal road traffic accident, failing health, turbulent marriage, miscarriage and childlessness. “My subjects have been my sensations, my state of mind, and the profound reactions of life has be

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