Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Jean-Michel Basquiat

This week we have been appreciating the artwork of late, hip artist J-M Basquiat. Having died tragically at the young age of 27 from drug intoxication, his art is highly recognised more than ever before, with his unique punk art and neo-expressionism style his paintings are selling for millions, worldwide. David likes painting Basquiat because of the spontaneity of the paintings. Its as if Basquiat is drawing on something inside himself, creating straight from the well of his sub conscious without conscious thought. Expressing himself straight on to the canvas without hesitation - this is one of David's favourite ways to paint.

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of John Singer Sargent 'Capri'

This weeks' Painting of the Week is something exclusive, painted especially for our exhibition in June - this elegant painting of an Italian girl from the island of Capri, Rosine Ferrara became the favourite muse of American artist J.S Sargent. Captivated by her exotic beauty several 19th century artists including Charles Sprague Pearce, Frank Hyde and George Randolph Barse made artworks of her which are now owned by private collectors and museums. Rosina Ferrera was of Greek ancestry - born in Capri. She was a descendant from the pirate Barbarossa! David loves the spontaneous brushstrokes and masterful way Sargent can transfer an image to canvas.

The £35 Million Painting! We've got it...

Pablo Picasso's portrait of Dora Maar has been sold at a Christie's auction in New York for £35 million ($45mil). The painting was seized by the Nazis during World War Two. However, French Resistance fighters intercepted it as the Germans were making their way from Paris to Moravia. So, of course its hit the press this week therefore leaves us no option than to recreate one exactly the same and showcase it at our exhibition this June (2017). Alongside this painting, we recently sold our copy of Picasso's 'Women of Algiers' to one of our collectors in the UK. David's copy unfortunately didn't sell for $140 million like the original! [Photo credit: Christie's Auction]

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of L.S Lowry 'The Procession'

"One of the greatest art forgers of the 20th and 21st century" - Sky Arts This week we have chosen 'The Procession' painted by David Henty, after L.S Lowry. David is very fond of Lowry's artwork and his style, hence why he continues to recreate his artwork years' down the line. David likes to move on from artists and challenge himself with harder, more intricate paintings, to also offer his collectors a wider variety - however, his passion for painting a Lowry will never fade. This particular painting was featured on Tuesday's (16th May) episode of Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge on Sky Arts. The challenge was to identify the fake along with a few other replica paintings and an origin

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Vincent Van Gogh 'Cafe Terrace at Night&#

This week we have chosen Van Gogh's 'Cafe Terrace at Night' which can also be known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum. David has chosen this painting as his POTW because he says it always reminds him of Kirk Douglas in the film, 'Lust for Life' - where Douglas playing Vincent paints the cafe at night with candles in his hat for light. This painting will be available to view at our exhibition which will launch June 10th. After the exhibition we will be shipping it off to America to be shown for lecture purposes to the Smithsonian Museum by Colette Loll - the expert on fakes, forgeries and copies! If you would like to commission this piece, please contact Lucy -

The Argus - Feature

Last week, along with several other interviews, we were featured in The Argus. The feature went out in the newspaper edition for 25th April (2017). Kindly, The Argus offered us a full page to inform their audience of the exhibition upcoming in June, and to tell David's story. With thanks to The Argus.

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Jack Vettriano

This week we have a blast from the past - we have chose one of Jack Vettriano's many provocative paintings for our Painting of the Week. David painted this painting for his own collection a year or so ago, and gifted it to his wife. This painting was featured in The Telegraph newspaper shortly after David Painted it. You can view the full story by The Telegraph here. David is inspired by the self-taught artist and can relate to the similarities they share. Like David, he learned to paint by reading textbooks and studying and copying paintings from other well known artists, in fact his first painting was a copy of Monet’s 'Poppy Fields'. Jack Vettriano original on the left / David Henty's cop

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