Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Pablo Picasso 'The Seated Woman'

This weeks 'Painting Of The Week', chosen by David is 'The Seated Woman 1938' by Pablo Picasso. David decided to paint this piece as it set himself a challenge. It took David a good couple of weeks to recreate this painting due to the challenging shapes he had to reproduce. David really enjoys pushing his ability to the fullest, therefore likes to regularly push himself to the next level of recreation. Another side to the challenge of recreating Pablo Picasso's 'The Seated Woman (1938)' were familiarising himself with the difference in pallet. The colours Picasso chose for this painting were a much lighter, pastel shade compared to the usual pallet he would use to create his masterpieces. Da

We've Joined the TAGSMART Family!

We have some exciting news, after much consideration we have decided to join the community of artists that benefit from the great expertise that is TAGSMART. TAGSMART offer similar attributes to Agriyork400 [our previous tagger] however becoming a member of TAGSMART offers us not only the security and authenticity protection, but they solely concentrate on the art world and are always improving the service and product. They are introducing the Tag for canvas this April, therefore we will be able to function 100% with TAGSMART ensuring all our purchasers have piece of mind by our tagging of each and every painting sold. Alongside the tag (located on the reverse of the painting) you will recei

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of L.S Lowry 'The Politicians'

This weeks Painting Of The Week, chosen by David is 'The Politicians' by Lawrence Stephen Lowry. David painted this around the time of Brexit when the politicians were all over the news. David particularly liked the figures in this painting, there is even a Trotskyite looking person in the crowd! Lowry was renowned for his sense of humour and in this painting you can see his sense of fun! David has a large collection of Lowry recreations, from small board to large canvas paintings. David says 'It was a joy to paint , and remains one of my favourite Lowry paintings'. (If you have a specific painting you love, please get in touch for commission enquiries.)

'Picasso In The Progress...'

We thought it would be interesting for aspiring artists to follow David Henty's journey to recreating the iconic painting of a 'Weeping Woman' by Pablo Picasso. This painting theme was revisited numerous times that year [1937] by Picasso. Firstly, David studied the painting as he had to understand what Picasso was trying to convey. David then started to sketch, with loosely painted oils, covering the entire canvas with his sketch by positioning line for line near perfect. Going over it again and again. He then moves on to correct and refine the painting and double checking continuously from different angles, including in the mirror for a reverse view. After the previous stage David then star

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Van Gogh 'The Bedroom'

This week David has chosen one of Van Gogh's most iconic paintings as his 'Painting Of The Week'. David recently visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam on a pleasurable break. Whilst there, he utilised his time to study more of Gogh's masterpieces and familiarise himself with the techniques Gogh used and the particular pallets. David mentioned that he recently stood in front of this particular painting [The Bedroom] in the museum and felt mesmerised. He felt that the artwork had an effect on him, therefore he had to paint it. All photos displayed in this blog post are original David Henty paintings.

Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Walter Sickert 'La Hollandaise'

Walter Sickert [painted by David Henty] 'La Hollandaise ' This is David's painting of the week. His inspiration to paint this piece, fundamentally was the colours. The carefully chosen pallet was really interesting. David explains, 'It was like looking in to someones life through a slightly soiled veil, there is shadows trying to tell you a story'. Altogether we feel Walter Sickert had created depth, drama and of course, tension! David also mentions, this week American Author Patricia Cornwell is publishing her second book on Walter Sickert, this book renaming Sickert as Jack The Ripper. David has purchased this book and is looking forward to reading it!

9 Questions We Asked The Artist!

'5 Minutes Away From The Easel' After a week of madness; creating a new website, setting up our new branding for David Henty Art, signing contracts for exciting new projects, organising for the exhibition (that will be launched this June), we managed to sit the Artist down and ask him a few personal questions for your perusal. We hope you enjoy the read, feel free to leave feedback and if there is something you are keen to find out, why don't you ask a question too? So, how would your Family and Friends describe you as a person? Sitting around my kitchen table on a Sunday, I thought what better way to find out! My partner, grandchildren, daughter and her husband all came up with; repetitive,

The Fakes That Cant Be Faked!

David Henty’s copyist paintings are becoming increasingly collectable, but as David well knows, once an artist gains recognition, he will inevitably attract copycats – those looking to cash in on his fame by producing forgeries of his work. So how can a buyer be sure that they’re acquiring a genuine David Henty original when they purchase a painting? The answer lies in a bespoke electronic tagging system that could change the way the art world guarantees provenance. The hi-tech NTAGs are supplied by Agriyork400, a leading UK-based supplier of laboratory supplies and scientific equipment. Each painting is labelled with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag, containing a memory chip tha

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